Member Profile: Alyssa List

During the month of July our country celebrates a well-known and highly anticipated holiday – Independence Day. However, there are many other observances and celebrations throughout the month, including Parent’s Day which is observed on the fourth Sunday of every July. For those who don’t know, President Bill Clinton introduced Parent’s Day into by signing a congressional resolution for “recognizing, uplifting and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children.”

What better way to celebrate this national day than by recognizing Board member and new mother, Alyssa List. In this member profile, Alyssa gives us insight into her career, the impact PRSA continues to have on her life and her experience in motherhood so far.

About Alyssa

  • Board Position: VP, Sponsorships
  • Current position: Director of Marketing and Communications, Wilson & Girgenti, LLC
  • Hometown: Tarpon Springs, Florida
  • Alma mater/degree: UCF, BA in Advertising and Public Relations, Minor in Sociology
  • Very first job: Marketing Coordinator for Brown Distributing. My first press release was about the release of a highly sought-after specialty beer in the market!

How long have you been a member of PRSA and why did you join?
I’ve been a member of PRSA since 2014 and on the board since 2015. I joined because I was looking to connect with other professionals in my area.


What advice would you give to someone thinking of joining PRSA?
There’s so many benefits to joining a professional association, but PRSA is personal. We look out for each other, and provide networking opportunities, connections to jobs, and professional education based on REAL experiences.


How has PRSA impacted your career?
PRSA not only connected me to one of my previous jobs, but it also connected me to a network of professionals whom I can call upon for advice when I need another perspective. It has provided me the support in all phases of my career.

What does your typical workday look like?
While every day is different, my typical work day begins with following up with my team across the country to gather what’s going on in each market. That way, I can ensure I am equipped with the information I need to highlight our business in the public eye. I work on updating our company’s website, social media, email newsletter and prepare media angles and opportunities. I also plan market events and write internal communications on behalf of our president.


PRSA defines Public Relations as a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. How does your current position fit into or expand upon that definition?

I not only need to build relationships between my company and the audience that we serve, but I also need to within our own team to ensure I am supporting them for the same reason! Without strategic communications, our clients and other related audiences wouldn’t understand our growth, our position, and our benefits for choosing us as their engineering firm. It’s important to have this role at a company; otherwise you’re doing a lot of great things and no one knows about it.


How do you juggle being a new mom with your career?
It’s hard, and no one prepares you for it. It’s important to set boundaries and focus on your priorities. However, I’m fortunate that I work from home and get to see my daughter’s smiling face any time I want to.


What would you say is your biggest career milestone, so far?
Since I was in college, I always wanted to be an adviser to the CEO based on my experience and understanding of PR. After more than ten years of hard work and growth, I have accomplished that milestone. I feel honored knowing that our company president comes to me for advisement, and that we make leadership decisions together based on the best interests of the company.


If you weren’t in PR what would you be doing instead?
I would start a charity.


What’s your favorite thing to do in Orlando?
My husband and I are foodies, so it’s definitely eating out! One of our favorite restaurants is the Ravenous Pig, and we just took our daughter to their new beer garden on Father’s Day.