Member Spotlight: Heather Keroes, APR

  • Hometown: Originally Brooklyn, NY, but now Orlando, FL. 😊
  • Alma mater/degree: University of Central Florida, B.A. in Radio/Television Broadcasting
  • Your first PR job: Media Relations Consultant for Walt Disney World Resort

How long have you been a member of PRSA and what made you join?

I had to check my archives for this one! I joined PRSA 15 years ago following the recommendation of a friend and mentor. Admittedly, in the beginning, PRSA was just a membership card for me, but then I learned better. I started attending mixers and programs, where I met our chapter’s welcoming leaders and was later encouraged to get involved with the board and become a future leader of our chapter. PRSA Orlando is a village of supportive PR professionals and provides so many opportunities for growth and networking. As I was once advised, “you get back what you put into it.”

You are a leader at one of the oldest PR firms in Orlando, what’s the most significant thing you’ve learned while working there?

More than I have room to share here! I am nearing my lucky 13th year with Curley & Pynn Public Relations, and our firm will be celebrating 40 years of business in 2024. During one of my first weeks at Curley & Pynn, I was asked to recite our firm’s Five Steps to Professional Success. Little did I know back then how these mantras (my all-time favorite one being, “Anticipate … don’t wait to be asked.”) would become the little voice in my head, shaping the way I approach work and challenges every day. You’ll find the Five Steps framed at each of our desks, printed on the back of each business card, and put into practice each day. I’d encourage that any PR professional become familiar with them.

Who is a PR professional you admire and why?

Goodness, I really can’t pick just one. There are many PR professionals, especially here in Orlando, who inspire me. And some of the best of the best have served as president of this PRSA chapter. Among those past presidents are my firm’s president, Dan Ward, APR, CPRC and the firm’s co-founder (now retired!), Roger Pynn, APR, CPRC. Both have been instrumental in encouraging my growth as a leader both at work and through PRSA, and are goalposts for me on what it means to be a public relations professional.

What is your favorite thing to do in Orlando?

On weekends I like spending time with my family at the pool or trekking around the theme parks and Orlando Science Center with my daughter, Emma. I usually try to squeeze in some Korean BBQ and wine tastings too.

What is your most-used emoji?

😂 (crying laughing)