Intern Spotlight: Andrea Briseno

PRSA is proud to spotlight stellar interns this summer!

Our second spotlight features Andrea “Andy” Briseno, a UCF PR student and summer intern at the Toho Water Authority.

When asked what some of the best experiences she’s gained while at the Toho Water Authority, Andy said:

“One of the most recent campaigns I worked on at Toho was for Drinking Water Week. This campaign, which ran in May, recognized the importance of water and water infrastructure. I began working on this campaign in April by writing an article for The Osceola News Gazette. The article highlighted the importance of safe drinking water and the efforts that Toho makes to provide the community with clean drinking water. Additionally, the article included details about various community events being held in recognition of Drinking Water Week.”

Andy further explained: “This messaging was also reflected on our social media channels, in which we announced events and shared the proclamation that was signed by Toho’s Board to recognize Drinking Water Week. I was also able to work on producing and editing a short informational video which takes an inside look at Toho’s Lab where water quality is tested. Editing this video was one of the first opportunities I had to play around with Premiere Pro. Through this project my leaders and mentors gave me the freedom to explore new platforms and learn hands-on. One of the last components of this campaign I participated in was a community event which encouraged members of the community to pick up a free coffee made with Toho water at a locally owned coffee-shop, Buchito. It was amazing to see community members come out and enjoy some free coffee on a Friday. I met many lovely people and got to see the work that was put into this campaign succeed.”

When asked how she thought this internship would help her as she works toward graduation and beginning a career, Andy said:

“The experiences I have been granted through my internship with Toho Water Authority have not only given me first hand exposure to a career I am interested in pursuing, but have also given me the confidence to pursue that career and grow in my own skills and interests. Overall, this internship has helped prepare me for life outside of school. In the future, I hope to continue working in local government and Toho is one of the few government organizations in the area that offers an opportunity like this internship.”

When asked to give advice to other students considering internships, Andy said:

“Put yourself out there! The nature of this field is, as the name suggests, rooted in relationships. My best advice is to talk to everyone, get to know them and their story. Chances are you’ll learn something useful, inspiring or interesting. This can be intimidating for those of us who are soft-spoken or introverted, but practice makes perfect!”

Andy, we wish you all the best in your future endeavors!