Internship Spotlight: Daniel Geiger

PRSA Orlando is proud to spotlight stellar student interns this summer. 

Meet our first student spotlight: Daniel “DJ” Geiger, a rising senior at UCF pursuing a degree in advertising and public relations, who recently completed an internship with Curley & Pynn.

When asked about the best experiences he gained at the firm during his time there, DJ said:

The most rewarding part was getting to see an article published that I helped pitch. Back in February, Central Florida Lifestyle Magazine published an article about the legacy of Roger Pynn, co-founder of Curley & Pynn. Roger was recently honored with the Geri Evans APR Lifetime Achievement Award. To commemorate the achievement, I worked with Stephanie Rodgers, an associate strategist with C&P, to pitch to local and industry outlets. I worked with Stephanie to coordinate interviews with Roger and the firm’s current president, Dan Ward, and it ended up turning into an awesome story on the magazine’s website. It’s honestly a great read, and I’m happy I was able to help see it through.”

Daniel will be beginning another internship this summer as an associate social media manager intern for Wizards of the Coast. He will be working remotely since the company is primarily based in the state of Washington. 

“I’ve always loved the idea of  helping connect people to the brands they love. I already have a personal connection to Wizards, being a fan of Dungeons & Dragons myself, so this is a very exciting opportunity for me.I’m hoping to better understand the thought process and workload for social media managers. I look forward to getting a closer look at how to effectively be the voice of the brand and also seeing how the various teams (Brand, Creative, Paid Media, etc.) collaborate to develop social content. The opportunity to develop insight on the various teams that keep the wheels turning is very exciting. I’ve always been a fan of gathering perspectives and developing a “big picture” with each piece.”

As for advice he would give to another student seeking an internship, DJ explained:

“Be persistent. Make sure the employer knows you want this job. Include a cover letter with your application. It’s the perfect opportunity to contextualize your achievements, your work experience, what you’ve gained from relevant coursework, et cetera.  What’s just as important is to write, write some more, then write even more. I received this advice at Curley & Pynn, as well. This profession is all about writing. It’s the bulk of what you’ll be doing. But have fun with it! Poems, stories, whatever you want. Spending more time writing will make you better at it in the end, regardless of the medium.”

 Best of luck to you DJ – thank you for sharing your insights with us!