Launching The World’s Most Magical Celebration

On April 19, 2022, the PRSA Orlando Chapter hosted its monthly breakfast program at the Citrus Club in downtown Orlando featuring guest speaker Jacquee Wahler, VP of Communications for the Walt Disney World Resort on “Launching The World’s Most Magical Celebration.”

Wahler shared the various communications strategies her team utilized to promote the resort’s 50th anniversary with cast members at the center of the celebration. By engaging with media and prioritizing influencers, the team coordinated various media activation areas for media moments and content creation that allowed for COVID-friendly safety protocols.

“You are the magic!” – the celebration’s overall theme, was executed by:

  1. Focusing on inspiring the cast with “we are the magic” messages, signage, backdrops, photo props, keepsakes and a special cast anthem.
  2. Focusing on recognizing the cast by offering opportunities for them to share their stories and leverage various tools to thank the cast members for their service. For example, dedicating Mickey and Minnie Mouse  sculptures  to cast members, exclusive previews for new attractions and park experiences, a complimentary hotel stay and more. Cast members are the face of the campaign and are included in the celebration.
  3. Focusing on educating cast members using a wide variety of tools to reach them because it is a very large and very diverse group of people who all learn differently. From pocket-sized information cards to email newsletters, signage and more.

At the center of everything in this campaign are creativity, collaboration and attention to detail. Even small things like choosing a color palette and having your PR team dressed in themed clothing, coordinating outfits with each day’s activities, add an extra touch that resonates among the media.

Remember, you do not need a big budget to make your campaigns all about your people!