Enhancing DEI Efforts in Today’s Climate


February 16


07:30 am - 09:00 am

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PRSA Orlando

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The Citrus Club

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Explore critical DEI concepts necessary to lead best in today’s environment.

With the growing need to develop deeper expertise in understanding critical DEI concepts necessary to lead best in today’s environment, DEI specialist and trainer, Tekoa Pouerie, will take us through elements from her Erase the Lines™ training, which offers an understanding of the automatic association people make between groups of people and stereotypes about those groups. She’ll show how differences can have significant influence in interactions between individuals and how it can negatively impact decisions and results. Pouerie will also share her own insights from working with companies, organizations, and agencies around the world, providing strategies to take back to the workplace – or clients – to help enhance our own DEI efforts.

About Our Speaker:

Tekoa Pouerie has been passionate about raising awareness of the negative effects of bias for over two decades. She has dedicated her professional career to helping others create positive changes within the workplace and communities. As a Certified Implicit/Explicit Bias Trainer, Tekoa has trained over 10,000 individuals including judges, trial lawyers, and HR professionals on how to recognize and reduce bias when in the workforce.

Tekoa is committed to improving social and racial equity. Her extensive track record in bias training and philanthropy has helped improve the legal interactions with youth of color, create better law enforcement officers, position organizations to increase their knowledge of diversity and inclusion, as well provide monetary resources to communities in need. Tekoa’s unique blend of philanthropy and training helps educate, transform, and improve community leaders.