Intern Spotlight: Allie Bond

PRSA Orlando is proud to spotlight another stellar intern this summer.

 Allie Bond is a recent graduate of Johns Hopkins University’s graduate program in communications with a specialization in digital communications. She is currently interning with The Walt Disney Company as a member of the public affairs team supporting Disney Signature Experiences.

 In highlighting her most valuable experiences so far, Allie said:

“Wow! Where do I begin? First, the company is unlike anything I have experienced. Within moments of my first day, I felt welcomed and inspired by my surrounding coworkers and the opportunities available to me. The number of resources cast members and interns receive make onboarding, networking and career-building valuable and fun. I’ve had three other internships and a full-time position, but nothing compares to the Disney Signature Experiences (DSE) Public Affairs team.

“My internship role supports both external and internal communications teams. One of my most significant experiences with the external communications team is the work I’m contributing to an Emergency Communications Plan. Crisis communication, corporate social responsibility, and the like drew me to public affairs. To have the opportunity to see a plan in action and to provide relevant research for that plan is a dream come true. I know — I said I enjoy research (yuck). I used to run away from the thought, but now I find it to be fascinating!

“One of my most insightful experiences with internal communications is the support I provide to during their video shoots and during cast and crew events. It is hard to choose my favorite project, but the one that stands out the most was at the beginning. During the first few weeks of my internship, I visited the Disney Wish twice! I helped with crew engagement, assisted on a video shoot and took a ship tour. I had never been on a cruise ship, let alone a Disney ship. I remember thinking continuously, ‘I have the best job ever!’”

As a true Disney fan, Allie has always wanted to work for the company and views this internship as an important step in reaching her career goals.

“As I got older, my passion directed me to Disney communications. After receiving my Master’s, I’m now focusing on public affairs or corporate social responsibility. I’m not only getting valuable public affairs experience at Disney, but it includes an area I’m passionate about outside of work – traveling! This internship is exactly what I wanted and need for my future career goals.”

Allie also shared with us her advice for how interns can make the most of their experience, regardless of where they are interning.

“Part of my internship onboarding process ‘requires’ me to set up meet-and-greets with other Disney cast members. I say ‘requires’ in quotes because I’ve loved each one. After every meeting, I wrote down valuable advice that each cast member gave me. The repeating mentions include: Be kind and talk with people, ask questions, work hard and communicate your passions.

“First, be kind and talk with people. You never know who you can meet by just saying, ‘hi.’ I mean, the number of people I’ve met in our elevator alone! Second, ask questions. For some of us, this internship could be your first exposure to a particular business or career focus. By asking questions it shows that you are interested and eager to learn – and everyone is eager to teach you! Finally, work hard. Being kind and asking questions are valuable qualities to have, but getting your work done on time and producing valuable content helps you in any career. Last, don’t forget to communicate to your leaders about your goals, passions, concerns, etc. They are there to help you!”

For students who are considering an internship with Disney, Allie added:

“My final advice is to explore internships or career opportunities at Disney. For all the reasons above and many more, it has been a wonderful experience thus far. With less than two months in my role, I was offered to extend my program for another six months, and of course, I said yes! Who wouldn’t want this job forever? But I am also biased.”