Heart of Florida United Way
May 24, 2021
1940 Cannery Way, Orlando, Florida
Job Type


Job Title                               Manager, Individual Engagement

Reporting To:                     Vice President, Annual Campaign

Department:                      Donor & Volunteer Engagement

FLSA:                                     Exempt

Strategic Imperative:     Provide a rewarding and inspiring experience to every donor and volunteer with every interaction.

Core Values:                     

Passion:                       Dive in – Create enthusiasm and inspire others.

Authentic:                   Be Real – Keep it honest and set the example.

Collaboration:           Live United – Work together and mobilize for change.

Empowerment:        Own it – Be courageous and make it happen.



Individual Engagement Manager leads year-round management of digital, direct mail, event, and other direct giving channels where individual donors give directly to HFUW. The Individuals Engagement Manager is responsible for building and coordinating individual giving strategies to ensure ongoing donor support. Responsible for donor engagement, preparing projections, developing direct appeal campaigns, updating forecasts and recording donor activity. Ensure timely recording and recognition of donor gifts. Continuously identify trends and opportunities to maximize revenue and increase donor loyalty.

While each position is measured on individual outputs, collaboration and coordination are critical elements of Donor and Volunteer Engagement where success is realized by the overall organizational impact goals resulting from resources raised by the department.


  • Develop and review annual and multi-year strategic plan with VP of Annual Campaign.
  • Set measurable goals related to engagement of individual donor and revenue forecasts that align with individuals’ interests and giving style in coordination with Corporate Engagement Manager/Associate, Director of Major Gifts, Director of Key Donor Segments and other appropriate staff.
  • Articulate HFUW’s mission and vision to diverse community audiences through digital and physical communications.
  • Identify new donors that are inspired by social change and/or connect with HFUW’s mission and vision.
  • Seek out new and innovative ways to solicit donations and contributions to HFUW.
  • Collect and record donor campaign data, evaluate results and proactively propose recommendations and improvements that lead to increased revenue to HFUW.
  • Maintain detailed records and reports, develop projections, and update forecasts.
  • Update account dashboard and prepare weekly revenue forecast reports and other committee level reports as requested.
  • Thoughtfully influence donors to deepen their engagement and increase their level of support and revenue to HFUW.
  • Organize and execute special projects that support the greater development team and organizational goals.
  • Maintain appropriate and consistent communication and interaction with new and existing donors- providing a rewarding and inspiring experience and relationship cultivation.
  • Build meaningful, ongoing relationships with individual donors, volunteers, and advocates.
  • Respond to donor questions and requests; resolve issues in a timely manner.
  • Work directly with VP of Annual Campaign to develop and execute direct giving campaigns.
  • Coordinate with Corporate Engagement Manager/Associate on corporate accounts to identify recovery of lapsed donors, with the exclusion of major gift donors.
  • Collaborate with Major Gifts Director to secure existing and grow potential Alexis de Tocqueville Society members.
  • Coordinate with Key Donor Segment Director to identify and secure new/existing affinity groups and other donor segments.
  • Continuously navigate the development process and donor cultivation cycle effectively.
  • Seek opportunities to learn more about the organization, our products and the communities we serve.
  • Participate in special events throughout the year.
  • Remain knowledgeable about HFUW’s services and products, as well as issues impacting the community we serve.
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


  • Generates Revenue Through Appropriate Asks: Identifies new ways to drive and generate revenue; Identifies strategies and opportunities to best engage donors; Proactively identifies and qualifies individuals and groups to give to/support United Way; Asks for money and closes the deal.
  • Is Ambitious and Focused on Winning: Sets ambitious yet realistic goals; Persists when facing obstacles and comes back with a new approach and strategy to succeed; Conveys energy and passion about United Way’s work and mission; Is self-directed; Holds oneself accountable.
  • Manages Prospects: Gathers and uses data that supports requests for donations and other types of support; Connects donors’ and prospects’ interests directly to United Way’s work; Creates a strong case for support and successfully “sells” the idea, program, or funding opportunity to donor and/or supporter; Inspires commitment and support for United Way.
  • Persuades and Influences Donors: Listens to the needs, interests and passions of the donor with an eye towards connecting them with United Way community work; Expresses empathy and consideration for donor/partner needs; Identifies, engages with, adapts to and influences various types of people and organizations; Promotes an idea or vision effectively.
  • Uses Digital Technology: Manages and tracks digital campaigns including email campaigns, social media and digital advertising initiatives and analytics for United Way and partners; Understands and influences how digital technology and tools impact fundraising; Works with Strategic Impact, Donor and Volunteer Experiences, and others inside and outside the organization to create incredible user experiences and journeys to help United Way acquire, engage and retain supporters via social media.
  • Creates Win-Win Relationships: Understands United Way and donor objectives and where they intersect; Identifies tangible outcomes that benefit both parties; Identifies strategies and opportunities to build trust; Engages with donors year-round, not just during campaign season, to nurture and enhance relationships.
  • Builds Donor Loyalty and Retention: Develops and executes year-round engagement and retention plans for donor segments; Builds donor loyalty through personalized engagement, increasing average gift, and increasing involvement in giving, advocating, and volunteering with United Way.
  • Maximizes Lifetime Donor Value: Recognizes the ultimate goal of all relationship-building is to maximize Donor Lifetime Value—the cumulative contributions of the donor (financial, engagement, influence) over the course of their lives; Promotes a culture focused on helping every donor maximize their lifetime donor value and impact to the community through United Way; Avoids short-term “wins” if it jeopardizes the long-term relationship with the donor.
  • Is Culturally Astute: Is aware of different demographic and cultural groups; Realizes that cultural differences and similarities exist, without judging or assigning values to those cultural differences; Displays cultural knowledge and sensitivities and applies that knowledge to fundraising efforts; Builds relationships across different demographic groups in the community.
  • Is Visible with Donors and Community Leaders: Continuously builds and expands the network of donors; Is visible and known in the community; Recognizes and pursues new opportunities and engages key leaders in the organization to create and support plans.
  • Engages Donor Segments Appropriately: Understands differences between types of donors (e.g., high net worth individuals, workplace donors, corporations, foundations, government entities, etc.) and specific strategies needed to reach each segment; Behaves appropriately, effectively, and in alignment with donor type and donor needs.
  • Exhibits Business Acumen: Identifies, anticipates and adapts to changing market trends and business needs; Understands challenges and opportunities in the business environment; Has solid understanding of United Way products and services.
  • Focuses on Continuous Improvement: Stays current in the technical aspects of their field (e.g., tax law, employee engagement); Attempts to apply latest information on trends and best practices to continuously improve the work; Encourages and supports new ideas and new ways of doing things.
  • Takes Calculated Risks: Recognizes and acts on opportunities; Establishes criteria for taking risk; Challenges status quo when appropriate; Knows when to cut losses and change course.
  • Stewards Donors: Recognizes the power of effective stewardship (thanking donors, informing them about the impact of their gift, keeping them apprised of progress on the community work it is intended to address and deepening the relationship) and develops and implements plans to steward donors of all giving levels.
  • Takes Initiative: Recognizes and capitalizes on emerging opportunities; Recommends new ways of doing business; Meets donor needs in new ways; Stays current and anticipates market trends and technology that improve knowledge, communications and interactions.
  • Assesses and Conveys Donor Interests for Product Development: Understands donors’ interests and aligns them to existing organization mission and products; Informs and guides conversations with CI to develop products and investment opportunities; Works with Marketing to inform collateral materials, strategies for promoting, and reporting on products/investment opportunities.
  • Manages Data, Analytics, and Research: Manages donor data efficiently and accurately such as inputting donor visit notes, updating annual donor roster names and contact information, resolving conflicting data and information, producing ongoing donor and prospect research, recording donor communications as well as contact, biographic and preference information in donor database; Identifies and researches lapsed and potentially-lapsing donors and works to re-engage these donors.
  • Develops a Plan: Using community and donor data, creates plan(s) for identifying prospective donors and creating and positioning products.
  • Builds Donor Desire: Using donor data, identifies the best way to contact prospective donors; Uses donor interests, needs, and values to engage them so that they have a strong desire to work with United Way; Creates donor options, using specific donor information, for giving, advocating, and/or volunteering for the United Way; Creates a strong case for support and successfully “sells” the idea, program, funding opportunity to donor and/or supporter; Is a great negotiator and uses persuasive techniques to mobilize and engage people to support the United Way.
  • Presents to the Donor: Creates and presents written or verbal information about donor options in a professional and compelling way; Leads and navigates discussions that result in mutual satisfaction and benefit; Addresses donor questions and objectives; gains donor commitment in a timely manner.
  • Collaborates with Donor Engagement: Understands the value and impact of donor engagement solutions (e.g., volunteerism) on donor retention and loyalty; Communicates and advocates for donor engagement solutions; Considers and addresses donor engagement strategies in decision-making and actions.
  • Collaborates with Communications: Connects with communications to share how the donor would like to be recognized; Develops a strategy to build donor reputation in front of the appropriate audience(s).
  • Manages and Grows the Donor Relationship: Delivers on donor expectations; Does what it takes to satisfy the donor; Maintains donor relationship after the donation process is completed; Continuously looks for new needs and opportunities for that donor and their community.
  • Advocates for Volunteer Involvement: Identifies volunteer opportunities in existing and new community impact work; Continuously advocates for volunteer engagement with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Brand-Steward: Steward of the brand and understands the role in growing and protecting the reputation and results of HFUW and the greater network.


  • Bachelor degree in sales management, communications, business management, or equivalent experience in related field required.
  • Minimum 4 years in sales and/or fundraising experience.
  • Demonstrable track record of success in previous fundraising positions.
  • Experience with donor and/or sales customer relationship management (CRM) databases a plus.
  • Proficient with computers and utilizing Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook software.
  • Strong detail orientation, analytical, organizational, and time management skills a must.
  • Experience in consultative selling a plus.


Physical demands include sitting or standing for extended periods of time, bending, occasional lifting of items weighing up to approximately 25 pounds, regularly moving throughout the building between floors, traveling to outside meetings, regular use of standard office equipment such as the telephone, copier, fax and computer.  Demands also involve protracted concentration.  Reliable transportation and valid driver’s license required.  Job involves frequent and routinely intense public contact.


The information on this description has been designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by employees within this classification; is not intended to be an all-inclusive list of duties.  You may be required to perform other duties as assigned by your supervisor or management.  You will be evaluated in part based on your performance of the tasks listed in this job description.  Employees moving into this position work on a ninety (90) day introductory basis after assuming these responsibilities.

The employer has the right to revise this job description at any time.  The job description is not a contract for employment and either you or the employer may terminate at any time for any reason.

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